Jun. 16th, 2010

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When doing some research for a show I came across a photo that made me stop and look at it for a minute. It wasn't anything close to what I needed, but I stopped and looked at it for a moment. That is slowly dawned on me that the reason the photo jumped out to me was how out of place it was. It showed a woman in front a tree, not that shocking I know. It was shocking in that it was composed very much like a painting romantic area painting, mostly in the way that nature and the woman was so close and intertwined. That style is not something I have seen in a photo. Usually when I see photos of nature and people interacting it is most often featuring a person in some sort of sporting clothes overcoming nature. It was a shock to see some one in semi formal clothing so at ease with nature. Another thought that I had was: why does the way people compose images change over time?

I have to say that this ramble is just more evidence for my growing idea that art is at its best something that surprises and adds wonder to the world.

On the work front I am in a great place with my design of the musical Hair at the Egyptian. I have cues in the board and most of the paperwork up to date and tech doesn't start until Saturday. I also need to work less since I ended up with to many hours this pay period and have to roll some over to the next one. While this is a problem I am extremely happy to be employed in something I love in these times on Economic troubles.

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