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Since I have reached the of the Internet during this show I am running fly lines for, I thought it might be fine for a long overdue update. As an aside I wonder when I had an update that wasn't I am typing this on my iPod so its going to be a little choppy

Working been increasingly bothersome. I have been swinging from wanting to quit and to thinking that I can make the place better for the long run. I don't know how long I can last so I an trying to make my projects at the theatre long term fixes and create paperwork for the future.

It's just hard. I had more here but it's just hard says it more succinctly. I just don't know how to more forward

In more positive news I had the honor and pleasure of serving as my best friends daves best man at his wedding last week. It was great to see Dave so happy. The wedding was a little short and no one really danced. Also on the day before there was a golf outing where both me and day had wonderful rounds figures that on september 30th I would feel great about my golf game.

The whole Lds conference speech makes me sad. On one hand I support freedom of speech even when I disagree with what is said. I strongly believe that open discourse and being opposed to things ones disagrees with is good thing. That said one I find it hard to believe a religious leader could say such hateful things.

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Jan. 27th, 2009 08:04 pm
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I am writing this from my ipod while waiting for the Utah / byu game to start. We shall see how much I can type before the game starts.

I rang in the new year in a little more social form then in past years. On new years eve I worked the Three Dog Night concert at the the Eccles center in Park City. After that I was able to get down to Salt Lake in time to celebrate midnight at Alex and Daves house.

Games starting finish this later

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