Jul. 31st, 2009 11:26 pm
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Summer continues to roll on for me in Santa Maria. The only thing of any real importance that is worth noting is that I am now sporting a mohawk. Last night at the party I was attending a bunch of the electrics crew decided to get mohawks and after going back and forth on it for a while I decided to go for it. For the moment I like it well see how to goes. The fun thing well be deciding to keep it when I return to the beehive state. I wonder if I well get pulled over when I cross the border :)

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in Cali

Jun. 13th, 2009 01:47 pm
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I have been in California for a little over three weeks and have been having a ball. After the first week it has been way slow and relaxing. Most days I work from 4pm til 2am. So I have been struggling to find things to do during the day. The house I am living in has a wonderful kitchen table that is very inviting so everyone gathers around it when home.

In other news I have finally purchased a new bicycle. I have yet to regret it. I haven't driven my car in days. Today I even went grocery shopping with it. Its just a great way to get around.
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Waking up in Tonopah, NV I continued on to Yosemite. The drive was great enjoyable for most of the mourning I had the immense pleasure of breaking my fast at a small town cafe just across the state line in California. The meal was great and filling. I am made small talk with the waitress and the other people at the counter. From the there I bid farewell to the desert and drove to Mono Lake which is just on the east side of Yosemite.
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Over Memorial day weekend I set off to my home for this summer and an internship at the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts in Santa Maria, CA. The trip not only provided a nice capstone for what was a less then successful year for me; which not to say that a felt it was a bad year I just thought that I could have been better at what I choose to do. It also provided an opportunity to reflect on what I wanted to learn over the summer.
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Apr. 12th, 2009 06:22 pm
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While surfing around the internet today I came across AmazonFail which is the response, from several sources(mostly Twitter among others) I follow, to the removal of books dealing with sexuality and gender from amazon's sales ranking system. This essentially makes the books harder/impossible to find on amazon's website. The most biggest response to this has been creating a google bomb for Amazon Rank .

I find this whole thing interesting(well interesting enough to make a blog post about it). I generally don't speak out about stuff like this enough so I thought this was worth posting.
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With my summer looking like I well have few chances to attend RSL Games and being stuck in Salt Lake during spring break I decided catching the RSL's road opener against Seattle on March 28 a suitable replacement. Also the fact that 50 plus RSL fans were also going to the game helped.
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Ever felt like you’re the only fan standing? Tired of trying to get others around you excited? Want to feel the true environment of a soccer/futbol game? Want to drink beer with other fellow “crazies”? Real Salt Lake Invites you to be a part of a 2009 Supporters Group at Rio Tinto Stadium We are hosting your first look at the ever growing 2009 Fan Clubs on February 21st from 10 am to 2 pm. The event will be held in the King’s Terrace club on the second floor of the stadium. Come visit with each group and learn what their philosophies and beliefs are, and what their brew of choice is. Get a tour of the stadium and select your seats by sitting in them rather than simply looking at a computer screen. Refreshments will be provided Anyone to purchase Season tickets at the event will receive 40% off merchandise at the team store that day only. For more information, call Brent @ 801-727-2850 or Spencer @ 801-727-2852 email at or If you are a fan of real football(soccer)come out and join us at the Real Salt Lake matches.

For those who want a look at the supporters groups which all all nonprofits here are their websites
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I shall now continue my recap of the month of January. Because I should finish things I say I am going to finish.

After New Years, Tyler and I heading up to Sun Valley for a couple days. I made a stop over in Pocatello on the way up there to have lunch with Bobbie, Devin, and [ profile] heybtch2780. Which was fun. Traveling with Tyler is awesome and a little taxing at the same. Most of the time we had crazy interesting conversations about life, economics, and love(among others). We talked about some things we hadn't spoke about. I feel like the trip rebuilt my friendship with him.

Coming back to that trip, I had a few days to get organized for the new semester. This semester has been full of new experiences, including TAing the lighting 2 class. In addition to that I am taking costume design, a history class and a multidisciplinary course on Drug laws and policy. The drug class is forcing me to think in new ways and look at things in many levels.

Sundance was crazy. I saw more movies then I ever want to see in a week.

and This is the end of the January recap


Jan. 27th, 2009 08:04 pm
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I am writing this from my ipod while waiting for the Utah / byu game to start. We shall see how much I can type before the game starts.

I rang in the new year in a little more social form then in past years. On new years eve I worked the Three Dog Night concert at the the Eccles center in Park City. After that I was able to get down to Salt Lake in time to celebrate midnight at Alex and Daves house.

Games starting finish this later

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I have been meaning to update this for a while. So this is a update. I am off for another round of Sundance.
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At the moment I am in Seattle and celebrating my first thanksgiving outside of Utah and Idaho. And only my second without all of my family. The trip was been okay so far. I Flew into Seattle with my dad Tuesday afternoon. My sister picked us up from the airport with my uncle. Wednesday I got a tour of the Paramount theatre here in Seattle that my uncle Greg sits on the board of director of. The theatre hosted the pre Broadway try out of Mel Brooks Young Frankenstein. After that we went to the Seattle Art Museum. I spent the afternoon feeling a little unwell. The evening was fun as I got to see several of my cousins that I haven't seen in ages.
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Here is one of the pictures I took for the Polling Place Photo Project Check it out at:

Voting in the snow
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The biggest drain of my time with month has been interning on radio hour: Frankenstein with Plan-B theatre company. CHECK OUT MY POST ON THEIR BLOG

I am busy with school. I even acted like a theatre student yesterday. I spent the mourning painting a show in the Babcock theatre, and then after my international relations class I spent the afternoon hanging lights in the Studio 115 for my upcoming show.

RSL made the playoffs which is huge. The sad thing is I will not be able to see any of the games because of work. I think this summer was the last of me being a regular in the stands cheering on the the team. Next summer it doesn't look like I will get to see many games, as I just applied for a job in California for the summer. Oh well I should still get to see the spring and fall games. My goal is still to travel to one away game a year to.

Well this entry turned depressing. I should update more later.
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Not much to report from Monday. The only thing of note is that I am loving the weather. I went on a walk while making phone calls and twice I stopped in mid conversation because I was left speechless at the quiet beauty of the day.
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I went into today completely dreading it. By Friday afternoon I was looking at a Saturday that involved me driving parleys canyon at least three times. Things took a turn for the worst when arriving at my parents house in Park City I find that my house key no longer provide access to the top two levels of the house. Another piece of bad news comes from my email, I now have to find time to swing by the Egyptian to look at a piece of equipment that is all sorts of funky. So really I felt quite justified in dreading it.
I end up leaving the house at 830 to swing in the Eccles theatre a couple of minutes early for the 9am call. The load in starts and after a few hours I find I am having a fun time. the road crew is fun and knows what they are doing. By 1pm when I done helping with load in. In the intervening 4 hours I had helped upload the semi and got to play with some new LED lighting fixtures in addition to focusing. After leaving the Eccles I head across town to the Egyptian to look at the broken equipment. I decide to fix it by wiping its memory and reloading it. The thing starts working fine. By the time I finish with that the crew is finished their preshow and I head with one of them to get coffee before I head down the mountain.
First off let me say I was surprised of how warm a reception I received at the Egyptian. Anyway, on the way to cows to get coffee the discussion turned to religion. I mentioned that I still consider myself a christian. Kat, how I was walking with, said he considered me a Buddhist because of how calm I am. This statement took me aback. And is still echoing around my brain giving me ample things to think about.
So I continued down the mountain and headed to my internship/rehearsal at Plan B theatre company. For those that that don't know I got a internship at Plan B as a live folly artist(just google it) for the month of October. This internship is becoming more and more something that I am greatful to be doing. I learning a whole new things, ideas and philosohpies about theatre and sound design that I have never consider before. The rehearsal lasted for five hours, it was the first time I ran the show with a cast. It was 8pm when it finished. After that I picked up a coworker and headed back to park city for the load out at the eccles.
After the day was done, I realized what I had been dreading was nothing more then me over thinking the day. I loved that I was exposed to many different things and types of theatre in a single day.

Random Stuff:
The opening of the new RSL stadium was amazing and glorious and only sullied by the result of game.
YAY snow!!!!


Oct. 6th, 2008 10:47 pm
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I am heading into the busiest week of the school year I am sick. Damn this could be fun.
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Quick recap of the week:
After started out the week not so well I received several pieces of good news on Thursday. I capped the day off by going to the Utah vs. Oregon State game. Its was a great game and I was part of the student section rushing the field. Friday I hung out and ran into David who was smiling like an idiot. Yesterday I worked a fairly crappy jazz concert. The band managed to play with inspiration or frankly anything else that make music enjoyable. The more memorable part of the day was taking trax to work and walking in the rain to get there.

I have been writing poetry lately. Here one of them:

reading the weather report
I see the first
winter storm warning
of the season
I am not
covered by it
it covers areas
higher more mountainy
I am now I
In a urban area
if you can
believe it
what can I do
but dream of the days
that I might
return the mountains
and once again
be at the whims
of the wind
and moisture patterns
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At 9pm I came home tired and ready to sleep.
At 1030pm I decided I should check my email and read a chapter of a webnovel then go to bed.
At 2am I update livejournal.
And still I wonder why I have trouble waking up before noon.
Or maybe the bigger issue is that I am on the internets at 1030pm on a saturday night.
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This semester is continuing to hold the promise of true greatness or amazing suckitude. The really positive thing is that I am excited about all my classes. My scene painting class is becoming less of a chore and more of a challenge. I spent roughly 4 hours working on my assignment for that class today. Most of the time I was working on it I was talking with random theatre folk that roamed into the scene shop. For all the awesomeness that is scene painting class, the downside with the class is that the professor switches between liking me and not.

While with some small downsides school is going sportingly other aspects of my life leave something(or many things) to be desired. I need to shake things up soon. I haven't really shaken things up on purpose since april/may of 07. Back then I decided that I was the only one responsible for my happiness. While this is an idea I try to abide by, sometimes to my regret I forget about it for a while. I feel comfortable enough to try changing other ideas I have about life and how I live life.

While looking back at the decisions I made with the mindset of me being responsible for my own happiness. Some of them where great success. Among other things getting into soccer and joining the RCB is continuing to be a source of happiness. Joining the RCB also reminded or taught me that for everything in life you do you get more out it if you put more into it. For all the positive this has had there have been some downsides as there are with any course of action. I have turned even more inverted. I need to think of other people more and with more compassion. I need to be more comfortable in social situations.

I think to achieve these goals I need to be a little more assertive in life. While I am overall happy; I want more satisfaction and therein lies the rub. Maybe I need to risk some of my friendships and relative peace with people in my daily life to become a better more content person. Maybe I need to make a enemy to find a true friend. Hell maybe I even need to ask someone out to a date.
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I spent this past weekend in Sun Valley. I attend three very powerful and thrilling Sun Valley Summer Symphony concerts. While waiting in line or waiting for the concert to start I had several wonderful conversations with fellow concert goers. I read roughly 800 pages over the weekend and went swimming everyday.
While these things are all wonderful, The thing I hope to remember the from the trip was a small favor I did. I was riding the bus into town and on the way a old woman asked the driver for directions to a place in town. The bus driver explained how to get where was headed. She still looked confused. I offered to show her to where she was going. I was then blown away by the feeling of happiness and joy that was coming from her. I really didn't know how to react. I then walked her to where was going and went on my way.

P.S check out the new userpic
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