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I feel like 2013 was for me the type of year a person needs. I traveled, worked and studied. More importantly I learned that I need all of those in my life. I started a business and got promoted at my day job. I traveled to my first industry conference. I took a crazy plunge and went back to school. I watched a forest fire get way to close to my current home. I traveled to places I love and more importantly got to share one of them with friends. I traveled to two new places, liked one and didn't care for the other. I read a few good books, saw a good play or two and visited some museums. A year to be cherished for sure.

At the same time I am slowly starting to realize that I need more then I have. While my life is slowly coming together I am increasing becoming aware that I need a someone in my life for both mundane and grand reasons. I need someone to travel though dense forests and snowy plains with. I need a person to get lost with in cities both far and near and enjoy an afternoon of coffee and books. At the same time I need someone that I can help with household chores and make a home with. I worry that I might be getting accustomed to being alone. I worry that I might be setting a course for loneliness from which there is no exit or that I might just go to one to many movies alone and never see a reason to break the habit.

While that last paragraph might sound sad, depressing, or whiny. I will admit that when I look back up the page to the first paragraph I see hope and a cheerful reminder to not give up. I am an amazing person and I should not dwell on those feelings. I think it might be more productive to use them as motivation to keep doing what I am doing; while at the same time open myself up to the future and what it might hold. I need to take a chance and go for something wild and crazy.

Looking forward to 2014 I see an excellent chance to finish school and work hard to continue being awesome at my day job. I hope to grow my business a little as well. I plan to continue reading good books, seeing good theatre, visiting museums. After all why should I stop doing those things More importantly I pray that I continue turning up in random places and unlikely events. I aim to continue my love of biking. I also want to take a few steps towards getting someone in my life. I need to stop fearing mishaps and awkward situations. After all I am have been on this planet for 25 years and I have managed to make it this far. I don't think there is much that can stop me now.
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