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I posted the follow message to a theatre group here on lj in hopes of getting some help with these issues and thought it wise to cross post it here. The only reason I am even getting this things is for the big freelance gig I have in Las Vegas during June. I am will explain that and more in an upcoming post about what I have been up to for the past few months.

"I have two questions about business cards. The first one is what info to include? I was thinking Name, Design specialties, Phone Number, Email, and Website. Is there anything else? I was thinking Skype but my username is unprofessional or my base city.

My second question is that I am planning to put a photo the back of the card from one of my designs. How to identify it? I was thinking name of show theatre and location. Do I need to contact the actors/other designers to get there permission?

Thanks for your time in reading this post."

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