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Its been a while since I updated this for various reasons. Mostly that reason has been that I am not sure about how to write about the things I want to comment and/or reflect on. That and most of the times I think I should Livejournal this I am away from my computer. so here is a quick update on the going ons of my life:

School: Last semester was the hardest one of my collage career. I ran out of steam the last week of November. The thing that brothers me is that I don't feel to bad about it. The only thing that really brothers me is that I left a paper on a topic that excited me unfinished and in shambles. I can even almost rationalize it by saying I'll finish later in life.

Theatre: I am once again mostly working at the Egyptian. The new person running the theatre seems really excited to have me in the building and working. The downside is that he wants me there for every event. I am also working at the Grand on a once a month basis. I have been asked to design a second show for Meat and Potato.

Personnal Life: I have been working at being more open and out going. returns have been limited. In other news I have been watching more and more episodic television and today I finished rereading American Gods.

Soccer: RSL won MLS CUP which was cool. I am considering my level of involvement in the RCB next year. I would like to do a ton of cool displays but I wonder how much they well be wanted.

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