Mar. 31st, 2016

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Sometimes I think about what makes me happy. There is quite a many things that makes me happy given my normally sour dispensation. Most of those things are big, large things snowboarding, designing a show for example. Today I had a moment of that quiet happiness that I need to get better at cultivating in myself.

When I woke up the plan for today was to work in the morning and then head up to galena for some cross county skiing. I ended up getting sucked into several things at work which combined with unforecasted clouds caused me to bag of on the skiing. I instead took off for home at 3pm and spent the afternoon listing to an Irish music podcast and reading online fiction. After a few hours of this I looked up and took in the late afternoon spring sunlight and was purely and quietly happy.

I need to remember and make it a priority to take pleasure in the small things that make me happy such as the first sunny day after a long winter. While no one could argue about my love of winter, there is something to be said about the first warm day after a long cold winter. Just as there is something to also be said for first autumn chill.

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