Sep. 22nd, 2011

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It is once again time for bullet points. Think of them like zen poems on leafs that float away washing up on the shore of your computer monitor. (Your Mileage May Vary on this metaphor it works better if your desktop is set to a beach image).

In Sun Valley people call me Samuel instead of Sam. Its been a weird change. It was not my choice at first but I kinda/sort of wish it was. I like Samuel better.

I feel blessed or at least amazingly better about life when I walk outside in the afternoon. The weather is just gorgeous. The sun light is pure without heat it has a clean feeling to it.

I am now working less because it is Slack up here. I am down to 32 hours a week until december. I keep thinking about going back to Salt Lake for a weekend. I have even thought about emailing the RSL fan in Boise to hitch a ride down for a game. That said, I feel anxious whenever I consider heading down there. I haven't been in Utah since mid-june.

Ran/designed my first show in Sun Valley in the historic Opera House last Sunday.

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