Feb. 16th, 2010

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Tonight I had the pleasure of attend my first production meeting with Dark Horse Theatre Company. I am working as the master electrician on their upcoming production of Reefer Madness. The meeting was held at the village inn on 4th south. One thing that caught my attention was how friendly it was. Instead of people sitting around being overly concerned about the show and getting stuff done, the first and foremost thing was that it was friends gathering to create art. I have a feeling the show well go all the better because of it.

This got me thinking about how I want to create theatre going forward. Over the past few weeks in my spare time(mainly driving between PC and SLC) I have been throwing around ideas for my own theatre company. These thoughts have been spurred by several sources: Articles on social justice in High Country News, The failure of the Egpytain's production of Lover Letters, The Olympics, among other things. Plus I have always wanted to do a production of On Our Way to Lisbon.

I want to create theatre that targets audiences that never enter a theatre. I want to create theatre that makes the community better and more inclusive while not being overly concerned about that. I want to create theatre that challenges social norms. Well I get to do this anytime soon? Mostly likely not soon. But it is a nice thought.

Just some things I have been thinking about.

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